Chop’s Art Studio exposes teen members to a wide range of creative activities and opportunities. Through open studio time, workshops and classes, teens experience art disciplines such as hand built and wheel thrown ceramics, sewing and knitting, painting, drawing and construction. The Art Studio staff members are always available for help with projects. We are dedicated to promoting a vast variety of affordable activities that foster creativity in a fun, artistic atmosphere.

Activity Name: Welding Workshop

Description: Sign up now to join metal and kinetic sculptors Klaus Rappensperger and Joey Castor in this popular MIG welding class to learn the art of metal fabrication. These entertaining local artists will guide you through the design and welding process. Bring your best creative ideas to fabricate decorative art or functional pieces. The sky is the limit on what you can create using a torch, grinders and saws.


Activity Name: Encaustic Painting

Description: In this ancient painting technique we will use melted beeswax, resin and pigments to create exciting, luminous paintings. Barbara Kelley, a local painter and printmaker, will teach you all of the basics including how to mix the wax and pigment and fuse each layer to a hardboard surface. You may create encaustic monotypes on paper, too. You will learn how to use your drawings, symbols, photographs and found objects in your encaustic
paintings.This is beautiful, distinctive art!

Cost $70 June 26-30 11 am – 2 pm ( M-F) Registration Deadline June 19

Activity Name: Glass Fusion

Description: Join Santa Rosa glass artist Gale Bongiovanni for her fused glass
workshop. You will explore using pieces of glass, frit, paint and other
elements to create a design to be fused together. Fused pieces can then be slumped in the kiln and turned into functional works of art. Finished projects may be jewelry, small plates, bowls, candle holders and ornaments. Have fun making beautiful, bright and colorful pieces of glass art!

Cost $80 July 3 – July 7 (M, W, Th, F) Registration Deadline June 26

Activity Name: Mixed Media Dimensional Art

Description: Bend and sculpt your way into the art world. Join local artist Robert Ankers in exploring line, shape and form with wire, tools, paper or clay. Learn with a fun group how to bend, shape and curve wire to create sculptures, wall hangings or wherever your mind leads you. See how light and shadows
become an important part of wire art. Make your own 3D characters. You’ll be surprised at the unique, decorative art pieces you’ll create!

Cost $70 July 10 – July 14 (M-F) Registration Deadline July 3

Activity Name: Fine Art, Drawing & Painting

Description: Learn painting techniques with Sonja and Michael as you explore how to plan and paint an acrylic, watercolor or mixed media piece. Learn to mix colors and which brush works best for each effect. You’ll get to know the process, materials and elements of fine art. Learn to draw and shade, the concepts of perspective drawing, how to create intricate Zentangles with pencils and markers, and so much more.

Activity Name: Mixed Media Art

Description: Enjoy crafting with Sonja on Tuesdays. Make stamps for cards, bend wire into fun shapes, build beautiful mosaic pieces, create corkboards to display your photos, make duct tape wallets, or try craft stick building, origami, collage or soap carving. We are always experimenting with new ideas and projects!

Activity Name: Ceramics

Description: Join our ceramics instructor Bill on Thursdays, and learn basic to intermediate clay techniques in wheel throwing, hand building, and glazing. We have clay, tools, two wheels, a kiln to fire the clay, and glazes to help you create amazing pieces. Challenge your creativity as you design and complete beautiful pottery pieces.

Activity Name: Manga & Cartooning

Description: Join Michael in the Art Studio and create your own comic books, characters and illustrations! Design and develop characters and narrative artwork with basic drawing techniques, cartooning, visual storytelling tutorials, and more. Become an illustrator and tell awesome stories in your own style.

Activity Name: Sew, Knit & Explore

Description: Join Sonja to learn basic machine sewing, how to make quilted pillows, small blankets, carry-all bags, clothing and so much more. Learn to knit scarves, crochet potholders or design your own piece. No experience necessary for machine or hand sewing. We have sewing machines, fabric, yarn and needles, plus all the sundries you’ll need.