Chop’s commercially graded Teaching Kitchen and Espresso Bar boasts an impressive array of equipment and tools necessary for culinary and barista instruction. Culinary students become familiar in the kitchen, can learn to operate an espresso machine, learn basic meal and drink preparation, and an opportunity to volunteer as part of our catering crew. Students can also learn employable skills. For more information, please contact our Culinary & Café Coordinator Heidi at (707) 284-2467 x31.

*Please contact us by phone or by viewing our activity guide online for specific class schedules.


Activity Name: Lovin’ Oven

Description: Satisfy your sweet tooth in the Chop’s kitchen during Valentine’s month. Join our Culinary Coordinator Heidi and learn how to use chocolate and other scrumptious ingredients in many different ways to create baked chocolate desserts as well as other sweet specialty items. This a great opportunity to learn some impressive baking techniques!

Cost: $15.00


Activity Name: Asian Series

Description: Join our Culinary Coordinator Heidi in the Chop’s kitchen for a lesson on Asian inspired dishes. Learn how to take seasonal ingredients, pair them with Asian ingredients and combine them to create delicious spring rolls, Asian noodle salad and pot stickers. Yum!

Cost: $15.00

Series Name: Latin American Series

Description: Join Heidi in celebrating Cinco De Mayo; learn how to make a vibrant meal full of flavor, and a refreshing beverage to wash it all down. Then come back for the next class to learn how to make a scrumptious Hispanic dessert. Muy sabroso!

Cost: $15.00

Activity Name: Italian Series

Description:In this series you will create rich and delicious Italian comfort food. Join Heidi in learning how to can your own pasta sauce from scratch, make meatballs, Stromboli and more! You will learn the skills you need to create a super tasty Italian dish to impress friends and family for years to come. Delizioso!

Cost: $15.00