Chop’s commercially graded Teaching Kitchen and Espresso Bar boasts an impressive array of equipment and tools necessary for culinary and barista instruction. Culinary students become familiar in the kitchen, can learn to operate an espresso machine, learn basic meal and drink preparation, and how to cook and serve as part of our catering crew. Students can also learn employable skills.


Activity Name: Appetizers

Description: Summertime offers a bounty of freshly grown herbs, fruits and vegetables. In this series of classes, we will use numerous varieties and learn different techniques to create dishes that are perfect to share at picnics, barbeques and outdoor parties, yum!

Cost: $15.00


Activity Name: Grilling

Description: Join us for the popular summer cooking tradition of

grilling & barbequing. In this series we will learn how to properly handle and cook chicken, beef, pork, fish and vegetables, using both a propane and charcoal grill. We will also put together the perfect side dish to enjoy with our culinary feast, which we will enjoy at the end of each class.

Cost: $15.00


Activity Name: Summer Sweets

Description: In the first of this three part series we’ll learn how to grill fresh fruit, in the second class we will make a delicious pie from scratch, and in the third class we will put a new spin on S’mores. You can sign up for each class individually or sign up for all three!

Cost: $15.00