Sports & Fitness

Chop’s houses a state-of-the-art gym that includes a 35 foot rock wall with five different levels of difficulty. Activities include basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, badminton, indoor soccer, group games, and more. Join us for drop-in or sign up for one of our many activities. *Activities are subject to change based on member participation

Activity Name: Flag Football

Description: Join Gabe in the gym for flag football. Practice your throwing, catching and covering skills. Score some big touchdowns and do your victory dance!

Activity Name: Basketball Tournament 

Description: Compete in our 3 on 3 basketball tournaments on every fourth Saturday from 4-6 pm. Bring your own three person team or come on your own and we will place you on a team. These double elimination tournaments are a great opportunity to have fun and enhance your individual and team skills.

Activity Name: Rock Wall 

Description: Climb our 35 foot state-of-the-art rock wall every Monday and Thursday. Our certified belayer Gabe will guide you up challenging routes. Become a member of the Chop’s Rock Climbing Team, and rack up points for each challenge you take on. If you’re not ready to scramble up the wall, we have a variety of games that will test your skills but keep you close to the ground.

Activity Name: Soccer

Description: Kick it in the gym and play some soccer. We’ll run passing and shooting drills as well as full games. Soccer is a fun and challenging sport, and a great workout!

Activity Name: Basketball 

Description: Join us every Monday, Tuesday and Saturday for basketball in the gym. We’ll organize teams for full court games, one-on-one tournaments, skill drills, or a spirited game of Horse, Thunder, or Around the World. Build your skills and get a great work out! *Saturdays are open gym from 12-7 for pickup games.

Activity Name: Member’s Choice 

Description: Members run the gym on Wednesdays! We bust out all the sporting gear that Chop’s has to offer for one hour of fun. You and your friends can play anything from badminton to indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, flag football, to bowling and whiffle ball. A guaranteed fun and action-packed time!

Activity Name: Dodgeball 

Description: Duck, dodge and strategize every Wednesday while playing dodgeball in the gym. We’ll organize teams and play several variations of this game that is fun for all.

Activity Name: Volleyball 

Description: Work on volleyball fundamentals such as passing, serving and serve receive in an open gym format. All beginner volleyball levels are welcome whether you’ve played for your school or not.

Activity Name: Chop’s Choice

Description: Join Gabe in the gym and see what fun activities Chop’s staff have in store! It could be anything from sumo suits to relay races or a homerun derby. You may even have a chance to test your skills against one of your favorite staff members.

Activity Name: Basketball Skills & Drills 

Description: Join us on Saturdays for coaching on the fundamentals and techniques needed for success on the court. We will run through drills used by Santa Rosa basketball teams to work on shooting, ball handling, dribbling, offensive and defensive moves. Show us your favorite drills and exchange basketball knowledge with players from other teams. We will also organize pick-up games to apply what we learn to our game.