Tech Lounge

Chop’s Technology Lounge offers web access, computer technology, network gaming, console games like Wii and XBOX 360, space to complete homework and play board games. Join us for drop in or sign up for one or more of our workshops.

Activity Name: Tournament Thursdays

Description: Join Tech Lounge Staff every Tuesday to test your gaming skills and have fun competing with other members in Tournament Tuesdays. We host a different video game tournament each week including Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, and Street Fighter. Make it to the top of the bracket and win a prize.

Activity Name: LAN Party

Description: Attention all gamers, this is your chance to show your skills! Bring your own computer or use one of ours for a fun gaming party. Join us every second Saturday of the month for pizza, soda, and a chance to win prizes. Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 are two of the games we play. Middle school members may sign up for this event and stay until 10 pm.

Cost: $10

Activity Name: Audio/Video Editing – Chop’s Commercials

Description: Be a part of the new Chop’s communication system movement as you learn how to create audio/visual shorts, in the form of commercials. You will be taught methods of mixing and editing multiple clips into a single edited file. You will also become a voice in how announcements will be used as an emerging Chop’s Broadcast system. *6-week session.

Activity Name: Digital Art

Description: Explore the creative possibilities in the world of Digital Arts, Special Effects, and Video Game Design. You’ll learn the technology and tools used to create digital art effects today, using a drawing tablet with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Blender 3D. *6-week session